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Fast and Thorough Express Wash Services

Swift Brilliance for Your Vehicle's Exterior

Our Process:

  • Hand Scrub Wheels & Tires.
  • Hand Wash Exterior of Vehicle with Foam Gun & Spot-Free Water, & Clean Door Jambs.
  • Hand Dry Vehicle & Get in Crevices with Air-Tool.
  • Apply High-Quality Spray Wax and Clean Exterior Windows.

Key Features:

1. Surface Dirt and Grime Removal

Our Express Wash starts with a meticulous removal of surface dirt and grime. Using high-quality cleaning agents and advanced techniques, we ensure your vehicle's exterior is free from the daily wear and tear it faces on the road.

2. Efficient Exterior Cleansing

The service includes a thorough exterior wash, targeting all visible areas of your vehicle. From the body panels to the wheels and tires, our team ensures that every inch receives the attention needed for a comprehensive clean.

3. Quick-Drying Technology

To minimize downtime, our Express Wash incorporates quick-drying technology. This ensures that you can enjoy the gleaming results shortly after the service, allowing you to get back on the road with a freshly washed vehicle.

4. Enhanced Gloss and Shine

While focused on efficiency, our Express Wash doesn't compromise on the aesthetic appeal. The service enhances the natural gloss of your vehicle's exterior, leaving it with a polished and shiny finish.



Ideal for individuals with a busy schedule, the Express Wash provides a thorough cleanse in a fraction of the time of a full detailing session.

Regular Maintenance

Perfect for maintaining the cleanliness of your vehicle between more extensive detailing sessions, ensuring it looks its best at all times.

On-the-Go Freshness

Our mobile detailing service brings the Express Wash directly to your location, providing the ultimate convenience without compromising on quality.


Level 1 - two month protection


$ 50-60


$ 70-90


$ 100-120


$ 130-150

Express Wash FAQ's:

Technically, we both are car washes that’s correct. But we take our process to a higher level to give you a better result. We use safe washing and drying methods to make sure your paint doesn’t get any scratches or swirl marks. We blow out the water from little corners and apply a high-quality spray wax that will give your vehicle a nicer shine.

Unfortunately, this will not remove roughness in the paint due to it being a regular maintenance focused wash. To remove the roughness, you can try out our wash and wax where we use the clay bar.

Unfortunately, we don’t clean the interior with this service, but we do have 2 interior options you can add to your Express Wash on our menu.

It depends on the size of the vehicle & condition and can take anywhere from 1-3 hours.


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